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Neill Insurance Brokers was founded in 2011 by President and Principal Agent, Scott Neill. Earning some of the highest awards in the industry such as Million Dollar Round Table, and member of many highly recognized industry organizations such as Big I, our agency builds strong relationships with our clients from day one, resulting in a genuine and transparent advisory approach. We call our sales team insurance advisors, a position we take great pride in.

Regardless of need, we treat everyone with respect and ensure that every client is left knowing they chose the right agency to carefully handle their insurance needs. We understand there are many independent agencies our clients can choose to work with:

The Three Types of Insurance Agencies

  1. Selling based on price. This is the lowest value of conversation and creates a commodity mindset. This approach results in low satisfaction, and typically poorly written policies through subpar carriers. This is usually seen with online carriers with 1-800 numbers.
  2. Selling based on a particular carrier or product. Though better than selling on price, this method still doesn’t deliver any unique value to the client. If an agency is discussing only general coverages, deductibles, options with the one insurance carrier they represent, they’re focusing on product. Typically seen with captive insurance agencies.
  3. Custom insurance plans created based on specific problems. This is the most consultative, ethical, and proper form of selling, as it delivers the most value and coverage options available- and unknown to many consumers, custom coverage is usually not that much more in cost versus the other two methods. Neill Insurance Brokers is fully committed to this method, which may not the best fit for some shoppers.

We will exceed your expectations. We serve all of Texas, with our home office located in heart of Roanoke, TX.

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